We sent a fax to newsagents Friday with an update on the lowest ever banking fee offer we have negotiated for the newsagent channel.  We also provided updated information of other benefits associated with the eziPass offer we have pitched to newsagents:

Here’s a quick update on eziPass, the phone recharge and electronic voucher platform many newsagents are switching to.

More calling cards
eziPass more international calling cards including products not available on the Dialtime terminal.  See the following sheet for a list of products and commissions.

Preferential banking relationship
Rates negotiated with St.George/Bank SA are the best newsagents have seen.  They provide lower debit and credit card fees and lower terminal fees.  Paperwork will be available from mid next week for newsagents to complete to access these savings.

No special equipment
eziPass runs on any computer.  If you use Tower Systems software it is integrated with point of sale.  If you don’t run Tower Systems a stand alone version will be available in two weeks.  eziPass is free.

No long term contract
eziPass is available without a complex long term contract.  www.eziPass.com.au has a copy of the agreement for you to see and complete to get on board.

Optus and Vodafone
While recharge for Optus and Vodafone customers is not currently available, we  anticipate an announcement in the next week.  We doubt that Optus and Vodafone will ignore the eziPass network – we already have 350 newsagents on board.

Tower Systems offer
eziPass is available to all newsagents regardless of the system they use.  However, if you want the point of sale integrated version – saving time, cutting mistakes and helping you sell more, call your local Tower Systems expert for details on their special offer: NSW/ACT/TAS: Nathan Morrison – 0417 568 148; VIC/SA: Tim Batt – 0403 189 379; QLD/NT: Luke La – 0434 072 417; WA: Joe Bredice – 0412 899 013.

I’m surprised to see activity mysteriously appear of the blog of a competitor following my posts about our bank deal here.   It’s been suggested that they predated a post to make it look like they cut a bank deal ahead of ours.