dsc02291.JPGAn interview I did for BRW magazine a few weeks back is in the executive RICH issue published last week (not that the article is related to executive rich). It is part of a double page spread on new opportunities being pursued by newsagents.

I was interviewed because of my involvement with newsXpress, a franchise group of 145 newsagents.  My newsagency blog is offered for further reading at the end of the article.

One never knows how an interiew has gone until the results are published. I’m very happy with the report Jane Lindhe has crafted. She reflects diverse views and provides a fair assessment of the challenges newsagents have faced since 1999. What I especially like is the focus on newsagents as entrepreneurs. This is something we aim to drive within our point of sale software, the entrepreneurial spirit.

It is easy for small business owners to get lost in the day to day an neglect the need for bigger picture momentum for their business. Every business, regardless of size, can have a bigger picture view. Our reporting provides a whole of business view down to minute detail. It’s at the whole of business view where the entrepreneurial spirit can be unlocked.