We have published a paper which helps our newsagent customers better market their businesses using our software.  The paper outlines nine ways our software can be used by newsagents to drive marketing initiatives, including ways the software itself becomes a free marketing platform.  Each can be implemented without much financial or time cost to the business.

Australians are not great at in your face over the counter marketing to customers.  We reckon it’s pushy.  I do.  Go to a petrol outlet and see how you feel at the candy up-sell pitch.  It makes me cringe.  I am sure management drive it because it works enough times.  Employees do it to keep their jobs.

Our software has at least nine ways our users can have the software make this pitch for the business.  Each is more creative and can have a longer life than asking for the extra sale at the counter.

This is another demonstration of our commitment to helping our customers get more from their partnership with Tower Systems.