The power blackouts across Victoria on Wednesday and Thursday this week continue to cause grief for some of our customers, especially those without UPS units to filter power and provide battery backup in the event of an outage.  Very old hardware, five years and more, has proved especially vulnerable.

Our policy in a situation like this is to provide any assistance we can first and worry about who pays for what later.  This means we helped many people without hardware supplied by us or with hardware long out of warranty.  The longer term relationship is what matters.

Buying hardware and software from one company is beneficial as several of our customers found out.  On one case they needed to reinstall Windows and the local technician had not left them with a Windows installation CD or product key.  In another case, they had warranty coverage but the local tech only worked 9 to 5 and the newsagency needed help at 8pm at night.

We are writing to our customers to remind them of steps to take to ensure they can weather blackouts and the like.  With so much of their businesses relying of our software it is important to have protection against what we saw this week.