We have been approached to sell our point of sale software overseas in a new market for us. The company approaching us wants to represent us as an agent. We take such approaches seriously and handle them in a structured way.

The due diligence process not only assess the credentials and capacity of the company seeking to sell our software but also assesses the likely impact on our business in Australia and New Zealand. We will not enter into a relationship which draws out attention from our successful core business back home. We have walked away from opportunities which would have hijacked development for too long in customising software for overseas markets.

We handle taxation in a flexible way and this is part of what makes our software saleable in many overseas markets.

We will have formed a view on this by late April. In the meantime, we continue to expand here in Australia thanks to excellent sales. March was 45% up on budget and our budget was up on last year’s figures. This is interesting because March this year had Easter and that usually disrupts sales.