In addition to the theft management enhancements I blogged about earlier this week, we are close to finalising an enhanced link with the security camera (CCTV) software our point of Sale software exclusively links with.

This interface dramatically cuts the time it takes to uncover customer and employee fraud since you can navigate the footage by event, in-store and remotely if you’re not running the business locally.

We were the first software company in each of our markets to provide such a smart and direct CCTV link. The power for the retailer is obvious from the first incident checked. From tracking change given to when an item was last bought to who handled the end of shift balancing, this link makes it easy for the retailer to see who did what and when.

Key to the link is that it can be accessed from anywhere.

we are proud to bring bring business theft management tools to small business retailers. Much of what we have developed here has grown out of our own experience operating six retail businesses.