Adding a new stock item is a breeze with our software. If the new item enters the business via and electronic invoice it is added automatically. If the new item is being added manually new users can use a wizard which steps them through the process over several screens which educate about the stock process as well as collecting appropriate data. People who know how to use the software can ignore the wizard and use our regular stock entry screen and get it done faster.

Our point of sale software is full of shortcuts for people looking for fast ways to get the job done. For every one of these shortcuts there is a more time consuming approach for first time users who are learning the software.

The key is to learn the shortcuts and get the job done faster – and still accurately. This is where our free online training and user meetings are helpful in educating users about time saving opportunities – long after the system has been installed. We are committed to helping our users continue learning the software long after it is installed.