Many small business owners see stock management as a common function in point of sale software. That is, they expect all systems to handle this fundamental requirement.

Not all computer systems are the same when it comes to stock management.

Smart computer systems go beyond telling you what sold and for how much. They allow multiple views of the data, so you can find out what you need to know about your business in a way which is most useful. They highlight sales trends, what sells with what, compare trading periods and compare suppliers of competitive products. Smart systems also enforce stock description and pricing standards in your business when you;re not there and enable you to answer complex stock questions at the counter or elsewhere.

Computer sales people often gloss over stock and say oh, we have what the others have, everyone does. Be wary of such a claim. It suits them to make it and seeks to stop you doing your homework.

Smart stock management is not in every computer system. Caveat emptor.