I am stuck on a four hour plane flight tonight and am enjoying the phone being off and some time alone. I find that long flights are ideal for reflection. Even with the interruptions of meals and drinks you’re in a less noisy environment than at the office or elsewhere.

I enjoy plane travel because of this time alone. No phone, no one at the office door. I’m usually more productive in a flight than the same time in the office. I certainly get more reading done.

It is in this reflective frame of mind that I was thinking about 2008 and how the year is shaping. We hit the ground running, from January 2. New positions created in the business, online training launched, one major software update released and another due in a couple of weeks, expansion interstate, expansion overseas, I could go on. It’s mid April and it feels like a full year.

The most valuable moves so far this year have been the developments in our management team. We have six key managers looking after the core functions of the business and each of these people is guiding us to an exceptional year. Gavin Williams, new to our General Manager role is settling into the the most senior leadership role in the company as is Jonathan Tay as our new Software Development Manager – both have introduced significant changes in their roles which have strengthened our business and our offer to our customers.

2008 has also seen a far more significant role played by our Group Retail Manager, Ben Kay. With six (and soon to be seven) retail stores operated by the company, Ben has an important operational portfolio as well as a key role in driving software development based on our personal retail experience.

Now that I appear to be writing up a list I need to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of our Technical Manager, Simon May – his knowledge and commitment to our customers is breathtaking. Michael Elvey as our Customer Service Manager keeps us focused on service and ensure we resource appropriately. At the other end, Andrew Halpern runs the most energetic and professional marketing department you’ll find in a software company in Australia.

Backing all this up is the financial engine. Our Financial Controller is Norman Partington. His contribution and that of his team to the accounting side of our software is a bonus beyond the traditional accounting function in a business like ours.

Now that I’ve names the management team I guess I have provided a shopping list for poachers. I hope not. This team, and the teams working with them make Tower Systems a well structured team business. I could disappear tomorrow and know the business sis in good hands.

This is not a blog post to name some names and make people feel good. It’s long overdue public acknowledgment that ours is a busy business and our success is due to the efforts of many people lead by an excellent team.