We have released new technology to help cut theft in gift shops. The new Security Bridge directly links security camera technology with the Tower Retailer for Gifts point of sale software.

This is the most advanced theft management solution available for gift shops. Owners can access the technology and reports from anywhere in the world.

Studies in Australia show that theft in businesses like gift shops can cost between 3% and 5% of annual sales. Smart technology can reduce theft and improve the bottom line of the business.

Following months of work with gift shop owners and managers, Tower Systems has developed its exclusive facilities to cut the cost of theft in gift shops. The system is already in use and has a track record of success.

In a matter of seconds, using the new theft management facilities, gift shop owners can easily:

  • Replay a sale, any sale – having found the sale by what was sold, who did the sale, date, time or other criteria.
  • Verify when an item was purchased and exactly by whom – eliminate false refund claims.
  • See who has given a concerning discount and when.
  • See the end of day balance – from anywhere in the world.
  • View a highlights package from the day of potential problems rather than watching a screen for hours.

The new gift shop theft management tools from Tower Systems provide big business facilities in a small business package. They don’t interfere with the running of the business nor do they burden this business with technology – you can continue to provide the customer focus you provide today but with greater peace of mind.

Key to the new theft management facilities is a deep link between the Tower Gift Shop software and state of the art security camera technology. Sales details are stored with video, allowing you to search vision by point of sale activity. This is addition to traditional security tracking of activity elsewhere in the shop.

Key to cutting theft in retail is having robust management processes for tracking activity and responding to incidents. This is more easily achieved with an integrated point of sale / security camera (CCTV) system. While some will say it smacks of a big brother approach to business, it actually fosters a safer working environment for your team.

Tower Systems has worked with police in four states on employee and customer theft cases, providing expert advice and evidence drawing on years of experience. It has leveraged this experience in the development of the next generation of theft management tools for gift shops.

Gift shop owners have a choice when it comes to theft management – trust everyone and do nothing or protect your asset and those who work in the business.

The integrated point of sale / theft management solution from Tower Systems has proven that good theft management pays for itself – the company uses the system itself in its own four gift shops.