New marketing / loyalty platform for newsagents

Kachingo Limited has announced the launch of a new in-store marketing / loyalty platform for newsagents.

The Kachingo platform provides free sweepstake entries and triggered coupon offers in participating Newsagencies based on items sold.

Kachingo will be launched to newsagents exclusively through the Tower Systems newsagent point of sale software platform.

Fully supported by strong loyalty and data management capabilities,Kachingo will deliver a suite of benefits to retailers and suppliers.

“This exciting partnership gives us the opportunity to showcase the unique functionality of Kachingo whilst at the same time unlocking new revenue streams and increasing profitability for Newsagents.” said Paul Bird, CEO Kachingo.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help newsagents grow their businesses by integrating the Kachingo rewards and marketing tools with our widely used point of sale technology.” said Mark Fletcher, Managing Director of Tower Systems.

Phil Hudson, Kachingo Chairman, said “The powerful partnerships that we are forming in Australia give us the chance to showcase our unique program in one of the most dynamic retailing environments in the world. Australia is dominated by two large retailers – who essentially compete with everybody else. Kachingo delivers the platform to unite those other retailers by utilising a unique set of new media marketing tools and networked back end – thereby enabling them to compete more effectively with the big boys.”

The Kachingo roll out commences with a trial in May 2008 and is expected to reach its Newsagency target footprint of 2,600 outlets in 2009.