I’m not a good support person.  My technical knowledge is not as good nor my availability as good as I’d expect from one of our support people.  While I’m happy to take calls from our customers, if it’s a support question I suggest they use the process we’ve established for them. 

This is on my mind because yesterday I received a call yesterday from someone not happy with a response from one of our help desk people and they wanted my intervention.  I told them that’s the last thing they’d want as it bypasses the processes established for them. 

We have invested considerably I our help desk and the supporting escalation process.  With anything from 150 to 300 calls processed in a day such processes are necessary.  It is also why I should not be taking support calls – bad advice because of me being out of touch helps no one.  Hence my comments to our customer yesterday.  The best I can do is find the right person and this is what I did.

One challenge of serving small business customers is that of direct contact.  Small business owners expect to be able to pick up the phone and call owners of other small businesses direct.  I understand that.  It’s why my mobile number is widely published.  However, our escalation is published as well, outlining the recommended entry points for any query or issue.

Our newsletter next month will highlight our escalation process again – to help people with a query about support to get to a more senior person sooner.