Our Sydney phone system was upgraded this week to support increased call traffic and provide more complete integration with our national network. Things did not go well. For a couple of days our team in Sydney were on a bumpy ride while technicians and experts from Optus sorted through the challenges. Thankfully, all is working well now.

The experience was a reminder of the importance of a robust communications infrastructure.  We have our Help Desk working out of multiple offices and all connected back through a national phone system and national CRM database. Our investment on this project has been considerable and the Sydney upgrade was the last step from a hardware point of view. Our softwasre investment in CRM has several more stoops before the project is completed.

Connecting the offices as we have we are able to locate Help Desk team members in more offices around the country and move calls quickly to the best person the the task. In short, the new telecommunications technoilogy is helping us reduce call response time and improve access to our team of experts.

This weeks experience has had us looking at contingency plans should one our offices be off line because of a telco network issue because no amount of technology can protect you from challenges outside your control.