Australian retail businesses are better served by Australian point of sale software.  Of course I would say that – I own and Australian software company.  Australian software companies cater to local laws and customs.  We understand the context of these local requirements.  Our software has been developed in consultation with Australian based suppliers and with departments in the Australian Government – to ensure we meet regulatory requirements.

This has been on my mind this weekend because I have been talking with a retailer here about software they are looking at buying for their business from the United States.  The software handles the basic requirements and can even be ‘bent’ to take care of GST reporting.  However, it does all this using US terminology and following US customs.  Lay-by becomes Lay-away, stock becomes inventory.

While these may seem like small points, they are important because they go to our culture.  The same case can be made for Australian films, books, TV shows and music.  These creative pursuits carry out culture forward.  The same is true for our software.  Within good software we encode the Australia way of business and eschew some of the more aggressive American techniques in retail.

In a small way, Australian software helps preserve the Australian voice.  It is incumbent on Australian software companies to find ways to do this within the context of business management software.