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Missing the stylus

I lost the stylus from my mobile phone and am having to punch my pudgy fingers on the screen to type in text messages and use it’s other features on which I rely.  Ugh!  This is the second stylus I have lost in the last couple of months.  While I should have taken more care, it’s a reminder that no matter how good technology us, it’s the usually most basic item, like the stylus, which makes it useful.



  1. I learn’t my lesson quickly enough with this – and purchased 5 spares that have now become 1.


  2. I have a HTC TyTn II and i also lost my Stylus for a while. Wasnt fun, but they had the good sense to give you a sper, i just didnt remember it was in the box!

    There are plenty of places to buy spares but


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