We bought four new Lexus vehicles last week for some of our sales team, the new IS 250x special edition model.  These cars have all the bits to excite anyone interested in cars, lots of buttons and lights and gadgets, yes, plenty of gadgets.

While I am not a car person and these lights and buttons and gadgets are lost on me, they are not lost on the sales team.  With these guys spending so much of their time on the road visiting with our customers and prospects, being safe and comfortable is important.  The car is part of the workplace.

Employee cars, are not something to cut corners with.  Beyond the health and safety issue there is the image they provide employees and others of your company.  This is why we are happy to partner with Lexus.

Our relationship with Lexus began in 2000.  The cars themselves are reliable (and comfortable) workhorses and the dealer through which we buy is a dream to work with.

We have seventeen cars in our company fleet.  It’s a challenge to manage.  As with the Lexus we look at the bigger picture and not just the raw vehicle cost.   The smile from the sales team makes the investment worth it.