Newsagents Direct Distribution and Tower Systems are proud to announce the most significant development for newsagents in the magazine supply model in decades.

Thanks to new software and back office processes developed over eight months through a joint project with NDD, Tower Newsagents will soon have access to a supply model which more closely matches their specific needs.

The Tower software provides NDD with category level data which enables NDD to benchmark at the store level and regionally.

Mark Darton, General Manager of NDD said “Until now, like the other distributors, we haven’t had the tools to assess total market trends on such a timely basis. This initiative provides visibility and will assist retailer, distributor and publisher decisions.”

Mark Fletcher, Managing Director of Tower Systems said “No one profits from unsold magazines. For the first time, the allocations team in a magazine distribution business will have visibility of the data they need to drive more beneficial allocations for Australian newsagents.”

The NDD/Tower initiative has been running in two newsagencies for several months. Next week, the trial will be extended to fifty newsagencies.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Mark Fletcher (Tower Systems) 0418 321 338; Martyn Alberry (NDD) 02 9381 3102.