We have prepared new magazine management advice for newsagents based on the latest industry standards and pursuing best practice. In this advice, which will be provided free to all of our users, we document the various reports and functions in our software which can be used by newsagents to more efficiently and beneficially manage magazine supply.

Each of the reports has been tested against data from hundreds of newsagencies. Where appropriate, the data from reports has ben used in negotiation with magazine publishers and distributors on behalf of newsagents. It is this hands-on activity on behalf of our newsagent customers which gives us confidence in the good outcomes they can achieve by using the tools we propose and taking the steps we document.

We document reports and facilities developed in close consultation with successful newsagents and magazine distributors.  Several are exclusive to us, others have been used as the basis for new IT standards for newsagents.  The MPA Magazine Management Report is a good example of this.  it tracks magazine sales and other measurements by MPA category and segment for a selected date range which can include moving annual totals.  We developed this report in close consultation with the MPA – the magazine Publishers of Australia – to provide a common magazine performance reporting platform.  It is a report which magazine publishers, distributors and newsagents can all use to assess title performance across two periods.  Following our successful deployment, other software companies were asked to introduce this report in their systems.

The latest Magazine Management advice sheet goes beyond traditional how to advice from a software company. This demonstrates the integrated approach we take at Tower Systems, trying to help our newsagent users achieve genuinely better outcomes from a partnership with us.