We have offered the direct sale of year-long magazine subscriptions from  within our newsagency point of sale software for more than six months now.  While newsagents were skeptical at first, those who have done so are embracing the opportunity.  The initial concern was why would I sell a year-long subscription and lose the retail sale?  The subscription is often purchased as a gift for delivery elsewhere.  So, the selling newsagents is getting a piece of the business he would otherwise not get.

From within our point of sale software a list of eligible subscription titles is available.  Any can be quickly sold, thereby unlocking for newsagents revenue they would have missed.  By easily managing the transaction with a minimum labour involvement, we can deliver a transaction of considerable value witrhout a matching cost. Added to the efficiency of the transaction is the value of no inventory.

We lead Australia in integrated electronic recharge and voucher products for newsagents.  Magazine subscriptions are part of more than three hundred products available for sale directly from within our Point of sale software.