Tim Batt, one of our senior sales people, is covering a lot of ground this week heading up the second week of our national user meeting tour. He’s been to Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide and, today, Albury, meeting with users of our POS software. Tim has been running the sessions along with others from our team.

Last week, it was Nathan Morrison, our senior sales person from NSW, fronting our sessions in Tasmania.

Nathan and Tim are typical Tower sales people. They both have technical backgrounds having joined us in technical support roles. We find that by not having sales people selling we more accurately represent what our software can do. Too often we hear of problems where a sales person promises something he or she does not understand.

By having Tim and Nathan front our user meetings we hold ourselves as accountable as they do personally. They are meeting people they sold to a year ago, even five years ago. This continued contact holds us (and our sales team) accountable. As a company, we are glad for the opportunity. Tim and Nathan tell me they are glad for the opportunity too – they enjoy catching up with people they sold to and hearing their stories.

The only way we can continue to grow after 27 years in this business is through the level of accountability and openness of opportunities like the current user meeting tour. Tim and Nathan, and the other team members who share the stage with them, demonstrate our commitment in a practical and personal way.