We are proud to launch today a series of free sales webinars for newsagents, gift shop owners and jewellers at which we will showcase our point of sale and business management software.

While we have a sales team in the field visiting sales prospects and providing face to face demonstrations of our software, we are finding more and more small business owners prefer to see the software online before arranging a face to face meeting.

Leveraging our WebEx platform, we are able to provide professional industry-specific presentations to small groups of newsagents, gift shop owners and jewellers.

The first series of webinars follows:

  • Newsagency software – Tuesday, June 10 @ 10am
  • Gift Shop software – Wednesday, June 11 @ 10am
  • Jeweller software – Wednesday, June 11 @ 2pm

Bookings can be made by email on bookings@towersystems.com.au.  Any prospective user is welcome to participate.