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Breach of copyright

A new customer of ours told us about a user meeting they attended not long when they were using software from another company.  At the meeting a Director this other software company demonstrated our software, making it look bad.  This is the same Director who refuses every opportunity for a function by function comparison of our two systems.  It seems he only wants to compare his software to ours if he can control the demonstration.

Beyond the breach of copyright is his breach of the Trade Practices Act through false and misleading conduct.

How desperate is he to misrepresent our software in this way?



  1. By breach of copyright, I assume this means he had pirated version of the software. With the security protection the software has how is it possible to use unlicensed version of the software?


  2. Jim either they have broken security or they are installing the 30 day trial each time they want to show it. It says a lot that they demonstrate our software at their user meetings.


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