Our offer of help for POS Solutions newsagent users a couple of months ago has resulted in more newsagents switching to Tower Systems software. This was not our immediate intent, we wanted to help newsagents get the support they were having trouble accessing through POS Solutions. Our offer was triggered by hearing from several newsagents who has each waited more than three days to even get a call back from the company for resolution of serious problems.

While the company has made efforts to lift its support game in the two months since our public offer, we continue to hear of service level problems.

Our commitment to newsagents is that we will help you resolve issues with your POS Solutions system where we are able. At least we will get back to you.

The challenge for POS is the cost of good customer service. This is funded by new sales and support fees. While the company has hiked support fees – to as much as $3,700 a year from the invoices we have seen – sales are slow and they continue to lose customers.

Having lost around 30% of their newsagent customer base in recent years, the poor support reported by users is most likely as a result of the company cutting its infrastructure investment. There is no other explanation for the support which has driven so many newsagents not only to us but elsewhere.

At Tower Systems we were in a support slump around ten years ago. We lost around 30 customers over a year before we realised that we had dropped the ball on support. We responded by investing in infrastructure: better offices, more people, good equipment for the people and more contact with or customers.

I don;pt know if the POS Solutions owners can sort out their troubles. In the meantime we offer to help where we can and to ensure that the cost of switching to Tower Systems is fair and transparent.