Richard Lee applied for a job as a web developer with Tower Systems more than three years ago.  He missed the cut and I emailed a thanks but no thanks note.  Richard felt I had not fully considered what he could bring to the table and made contact.  We subsequently met and he was hired as our web developer.  Over the last three years Richard has made an excellent contribution to our corporate web presence and the web presence of several other businesses in which we are involved.

Unfortunately, Richard moved on last week.  I wish he hadn’t but he felt drawn to a change which promises to take his skills in an exciting new direction.

While it is frustrating to lose someone like Richard who has served the company so well, it is a pleasure to have provided them an opportunity to establish a career fresh from university and to have benefited considerably from his skill and commitment.  Richard resigned in style and graciously gave four weeks notice.  I made sure to let him know that he will always be welcome back.

We are fortunate in that staff turnover at Tower Systems is lower than the software industry average.  We intend to work at getting it lower.

Richard’s replacement starts in a few days.  We will welcome here with open arms and look forward to the opportunity of change.