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Customer Service vacancy

We are creating a new customer service position in our National Help Desk in Melbourne to help us better manage our growth. We listed the vacancy online at Seek yesterday morning. In twenty four hours we have received more than thirty applications. We expect to conduct our first interviews this week. We will leave the ad running since it is possible we will create another position in the customer service area.

Based on an initial scan of applications, there are many fine candidates looking for for a new role in the customer service / Help Desk area. We are fortunate to have a good pool from which to draw interviewees.

Finding the right Help Desk person is challenging. While technical skills are important, communication skills are more important. That and a genuine desire to help people. This is why our interviews are unusual – the focus on communication more so than what you know.

We are still receiving applications so if you know anyone looking for a career in IT please pass on our details.



  1. My son would be interested. But I cannot find it! I looked under Recruiter and company . I did a search for tower systems, newsagencies, newsagent.


  2. I just searches for tower systems under it positions and it came up. You are also welcome to email me direct.


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