We have started marketing our point of sale software to specialist stationery retailers. While technically not a new market for us, this is the first time we have approached them as a group.

Our new marketing is as a result of recent developments in our software specifically for stationery retailers. These changes relate to specialist supplier interfaces which drive better outcomes in the stationery channel. Stationery retailers can rely on our software in the areas of:

  • Point of Sale.
  • Stock reordering.
  • Stock arrival.
  • MYOB interface.
  • Quicken interface.
  • Management reporting.
  • Special orders for customers.
  • Customer accounts.
  • Category management.
  • Supplier management.
  • Business marketing.

The synergy between specialist stationery retailers and newsagents is excellent. The most recent enhancements which we have spent a couple of months developing will be a tremendous to newsagents who wish to specialise more in this category. Likewise, some recent enhancements for newsagents are proving to be most useful to specialist stationery retailers.