WorldWideWeb Register scam

Guia Telefax Anuario Professional in Spain has mass mailed a letter which smells like a scam. Businesses are invited to update their website details in the WorldWideWeb register. If you update the form and mail it to them the fee is 877 Euros. They say you can update the a free entry online. I say it is a scam because businesses I know which have been sent the letter are not even listed even though the letter says they are. I’d recommend people stay away from this.

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  1. debbie

    received a similar letter last year from a company registered in spain. We investigated it through the internet and found that the company asking for our details had been involved in other fraudulent activities. The company worked out of an address known to authorities in spain. Maybe the same company with a different name trying to have another go at trying to rip people off. The letter promptly went into the recycle bin


  2. received exactly the same letter as debbie today 24.7.08 from the company registered in Spain. Something made me look online to get the official address as a spanish address listed on the form didn’t add up. Thank goodness i checked before sending it off. PLEASE BEWARE!


  3. Desa

    This is warning about a scam in Spain called WorldWide Web Register.
    We got a very official looking document posted to our Australian address in March of 2008 from a company called ‘WorldWide Web Register’ ( ALIAS – GUIA TELEFAX ANUARIO, BASED IN SPAIN. The way it’s presented makes you think it’s an official document to update your Web address which is being managed by a worldwide data base of web addresses & the nature of your business. However there’s also all this very fine print down the right side of the page and hidden amongst all the copy, is the price of your listing, 877 euros & for that you’ll get this bogus listing, a CD that never arrives & that you are by signing, committed to 3 years at 877 euros. We didn’t bother reading the small type, just filled in the form, signed it & sent it in to their pre-paid envelope back to Spain. About 4 weeks later we got a bill for the 877 Euros, & laser copy of what our listing would look like & no CD & since then numerous faxes demanding payment & adding administration fees to their invoice. The alarm bells rang & ‘DOH’ went back and read all that little ‘fine’ print, ‘DOH” saw that their fee amount and that we are stuck with 3 editions. We’ve made enquiries through google about the company & discovered that it’s a scam. Luckily we haven’t paid any money nor do we intend to. The below web link is one of many typical warnings about the scam.
    If you do a search on Google you’ll find numerous warnings about the scam. We’ve since reported the company and the Scam the Australian Securities Commission & the ACCC who are now investigating. Stay tuned will let you know what happens.


  4. Lara

    I am really glad I checked in to this. It just didn’t feel right when I sat down to really look at it.I received this form in October 2008.
    Thank you all for your comments. I am a fairly busy person, and could have easily fallen for this scam.


  5. SİBEL

    We have received the same in October 2008 and torn it up after a short check on the internet. Thanks for the information !!


  6. Ivar

    In January I received their third bill of 2.631,00 EUR, as I sadly did not pay attention to the fine print in the initial contract which I signed two years ago. This for a completely useless service. Several letters later, I was about to give in and pay two thirds of this sum, which they offered at the time, just to put the depressing story behind me. But now, when I google around and find so many more people around with similar stories I get stronger in my view that these people should not have anything from me. No-thing. So thanks!


  7. Ivana

    My last company also recived a letter from Guia Telefax Anuario Prof. in Jan 2008. (and unfortunately signed) and they are still getting invoice letters (Fourth notice of payment) but have not payed anything. There is a page (I´m not sure) and they are giving good advices how to act in situations like this. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.


  8. Tracey

    I have just received a similar letter from TVV VERLAG GmbH in Hamburg. We’re based in South Africa. The small print includes: R9372 annually for three years, with cancellation three months before expiry; the ‘publishing house reserves the right to design the advertisements’ (what?); German law is applicable (basically they suggest you defend in Hamburg); correspondence can be conducted in English or German (knowing my luck, everything would need to be translated). Too fishy. Scam.


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