With the demise of Bill Express this week, we have been approached by several suppliers of electronic product to join our eziPass platform.  While we are actively researching and considering these, we are maintaining the focus of our development team on our committed projects.  These include significant enhancements for our jeweller and bike retailer customers as well as enhancements for our newsagent and gift shop customers.

One of the benefits of a sizable development team is the ability to take on a variety of work across several marketplaces.

Our next software update, retailer 2.2B is currently in beta release.  Once we it has achieved the required level of user acceptance we will issue this to our entire user community.  In the meantime, development is advanced on Retailer 2.2C – this includes the enhancements to which I referred above.

I would hope to hve an announcement in the next week or two about additional products on our platform.