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Gift Fair a success in Brisbane

It is only two days into the four day event yet already the Brisbane Gift Fair is a successful event for us. We are meeting many newsagents and gift shop owners. Being the only specialist software company at the event helps. However, most attendees are there to purchase stock so we ran the risk of being somewhat of a distraction. Thankfully, it is working well for us.



  1. Compared to last year and the years befor the Brisbane Gift fair is noticably diminishing in value as a providor of gift lines for Newsagents in my view. We noticed this year that there are less christmas lines and a significant amount of repeat stock from last year. Presumably wholesalers are trying to dump last years stock.

    Additionally we have spoken to some wholesalers who have declined to attend due to a lessening return from the fair. Shame as this is well placed for Nth NSW Agents.


  2. Chris we’re enjoying it but our needs are different. Most of the major suppliers now do showings at their offices of gift lines. Certainly this is how we buy for our own gift shops. Mark


  3. It is great to see Tower at the gift fair however would be better placed at say GNS Fair which is more of a NEWSAGENT fair. I noticed though that there were many jewellery displays at Brisbane and hence a good showing for Jewellery retail POS. You may have noticed that the Brisbane gift fair this year incorported retail fixtures in with gift wholesalers whereas in previous years were a seperate section. This is indicative of the reduced number of displayers.

    With respect to direct purchasing, country Newsagents cannot have the day to day access to wharehouse displays and hence rely on events such as the Brisbane gift fair where annual purchases are made.


  4. Chris, we will be at the GNS fairs as we have been for the last 20 years. Mark


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