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Hardware for Retailer mobile

We have been evaluating hardware for our soon to be released Retailer mobile software. Retailer mobile will deliver access to key facilities in our software from a GSM enabled device, making it ideal for retailers to use when visiting suppliers and making buying decisions.

We have carefully evaluated three devices and while each is up to the task, there are subtle differences which go to the usefulness of the software. We have also considered ease of supply, backup support and other supplier related issues.

While our core focus is software, the true value of Retailer mobile is dependent on the right hardware choice.


  1. Intersesting that you are using GSM and not something such as 3G/HSPDA … ?

  2. As most new mobile devices are now 3G it would seem logical to utilise the broader spectrum 3G network. The Tower (I-Phone) Geeks ( hate that word) would , I presume to develop mobile apps on that platform.

    Could Tower please comment on this.

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