Motorpass fuel card offer

We have negotiated preferential rates with Motorpass, a national fuel card provider. Our preferential rates offer no sign up cost and a 40% lower monthly cost. Motorpass is the only card you can currently use at Caltex Woolworths/Safeway with discount fuel vouchers. Please email for a sign up form. Tower makes a small commission.

We have used Motorpass for more than a year now and find it useful with our fleet and helpful in the accounting department where reconciling is much easier.

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  1. BAZ

    Mark, can you explain Motorpass a little more. Is this a card we would use in our business to make savings in fuel costs or is it something we sell. Just not clear how we would use it.



  2. Baz, It’s for your use in your business – for good record keeping, providing credit on fuel purchases and for a lower cost than is usually the case with such cards.



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