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$100,000 saving on support calls

phone.JPGSince we installed new phone systems in our Brisbane and Sydney offices six months ago offering local call support, we have saved our customers in excess of $100,000 on support call costs. Our national phone system allows our three busiest offices to operate as if all team members are in one location – hence the ability for a Brisbane user to call that office and for the call to be picked up in Melbourne without it costing the usual STD call rate.

We are proud of the tangible savings we have delivered to our users and will continue to work on ways to reduce the cost of technology ownership.



  1. Good Work Tower,

    How about a 1300 number for country callers. In the country we seen plenty of city centric initiatives however country people are rarely considered ??

    Maybe we should change to Internet Telephony ??

    Any ideas


  2. Chris,

    We serve country people by offering the online training services using a 1800 call, through our remote support services where we log into your business. We also carry the costs of calls we make back to people. We also invest 50% of our user meeting resources in getting to country areas.



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