Magazine innovation moves to next level

The magazine supply model innovation we developed exclusively with magazine distributor NDD and announced here two months ago is about to move to considerably wider use. It is one of several enhancements in our next major software update for newsagents. The feedback from NDD on the trial, which has now been running for six months, is excellent. The data demonstrates valuable results for newsagents, NDD and their partner publishers.

We are proud that our innovation in this project is delivering tangible financial rewards exclusively for Tower newsagents. This is what it’s about for us. With more than 1,500 newsagents using our software, we take our commitment to improve the financial return our newsagents achieve from their relationship with us very seriously.

For no additional cost, our newsagent customers, through the NDD enhancements in the next update, will have facilities which will enhance their their bottom line. Yes, we are very proud of this particular innovation.

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