Help with magazine returns

In the light to communication from ACP Magazines to newsagent association and marketing group leaders about more stringent auditing of magazine returns, we are helping the Tower Newsagent community with several initiatives:

  • Scheduling more free online magazine returns training sessions.
  • Revising advice sheets covering the magazine returns process.
  • Ensuring all of our help desk team members are across the ACP crackdown and can provide accurate advice on the correct approach for accurate and on time magazine returns processing.
  • Including a returns component to our next series of face to face user meetings.

While our software meets all industry standards around the returns requirements, it is easy for someone to ignore warnings we issue and overstate the quantity being returned. Hence the importance to remind our user community that our software has appropriate checks and balances to ensure accurate returns processing and to thereby help our newsagent community avoid receiving a breach notice.

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