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Retail software on the iPhone

iphone_stock.JPGWe have been demonstrating our Retailer Mobile stock management software on the Apple iPhone at the Gift Fair over the last two days. The reaction has been excellent. While we run on a range of devices, the current popularity of the iPhone makes it a perfect demonstration platform.

Using our software on the iPhone, users can create orders, complete stock queries and receive new stock, regardless of where they are thanks to the 3G capabilities. As the photo shows, the screen on the iPhone is nice and clear. This has been important in selecting devices on which Retailer Mobile operates. Mobility is great but without readability it is useless.

At an event like the Gift Fair, Retailer Mobile on the iPhone is a great tool because they can complete back office work as they meet suppliers and place orders, thereby reducing double handling – a great time saver in any small business. Users are also able to check their own data against that of suppliers when considering ordering.

The mission for Retailer Mobile has been to pack as much useful functionality into a portable version of the software so that our users are equipped to make better business decisions.



  1. Will it also work on the Ipod Touch? Seeing as that is the same base at the Iphone, but with no phone?


  2. Will it work as another POS terminal also?


  3. The documentation we send out next week will list the device requirements. It will be pretty flexible.


  4. I would like to incorporate Iphone video as a security remote monitoring tool as a part of shop security systems.

    Any ideas?


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