We have written to Australian jewellers to share some exciting developments. Here is just part of what our letter to jewellers announced:

  • Updated Jeweller management software. We are close to releasing several major enhancements following excellent feedback. These will help in the areas of lay-bys, repairs, valuations and customer marketing. Many jeweller specific facilities are being incorporated.
  • New second hand gods facilities. Meeting the stringent reporting requirements of the New South Wales Police Department, our new facilities will be a must for any jeweller selling second hand goods.
  • Free online training for jewellers and staff. We are scheduling more of our free jeweller software owner training courses. Participation is free.
  • Better customer marketing. Thanks to our loyalty and customer management tools jewellers will be able to more effectively market to customers by mail and email, adding value to these important relationships.

These and our other enhancements deliver more proof of our commitment to jewellers and make the Tower software solution for Jewellers more valuable than a generic off the shelf solution.