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Users react well to Retailer Mobile

rm1.JPGThe public showings of our new Retailer Mobile software are going well. Users like the true portability using 3G, ease of navigation and the choice of devices. While we have supported PDA devices for many years, the new range of hardware available has enabled us to significantly broaden the capabilities we are delivering on hand-held portable devices. This is especially true with functions users want to run when away from their businesses – at trade shows and supplier warehouses. It is also why demonstrating Retailer Mobile at trade shows works so well, business owners get it, they like that they can, in an instant, verify their own sales data before making a commitment to a deal pitched by a supplier.

Another benefit of mobile operation is in reducing theft. The more team members you have an the floor of a shop doing useful work the less likely people are to steal from the business. Retailer Mobile unshackles staff members and enabls them to work in the shop on tasks which would otherwise be done on a hard wired computer.



  1. Will you be able to scan a barcode with it? I see this also being used as a stocktake device or a remote magazine return tool.


  2. Yes, absolutely.


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