Seth Godin has an excellent post at his blog about strategy over tactics, long term versus the lure of short term. As with Seth’s posts, it is full of wisdom worthy of framing for the office wall so you are reminded every day. Wisdom like…

Listen instead to your real customers, to your vision and make something for the long haul.

When I went into business I did so with a plan to make something. I was not interested in a business built around consulting, I wanted to create products which provided genuine value. The value is only there if your customers experience it. This is where Seth’s quote resonates. A vision in business is useless without your customers.

One reason we have grown to be successful is the guidance from our customers. Real influencers in our user community have been frank with a tap on the shoulder and words in the ear to pull us back on track if we have strayed from listening.

Over the years in each of our specialist markets new players have come and gone. Thinking back, the most interesting are those who land in a blaze of noise. They were full of tactics which attracted interest but lacked the strategy to run the marathon. It is interesting talking with their customers when they switch.

Even at 27 years in we are focused on the long haul. We are fortunate to have people developing through the business as well as fresh ideas from outside to provide us with excellent tactics which support the long term strategy.