Below is a list of some of the changes to be delivered in the next update to our software. I stress some because we are not about to details here changes which others will copy. It has happened and is a reason we are more careful what we publish here.

These changes directly serve needs as put to us by our user community:

  • Bulk Price Change – this feature allow users to change the price by using keyword for description. Allow change of Cost, Retail Price, RRP and Trade.
  • Sales ReportAllow agency departmentalize grouping. And if department sales only will calculate the GP based on Markup
  • Automatic archive end of shift and Return form report into PDF.
  • NDD Category File – On every Wednesday, a report will get generate after the End of Shift and BE send direct to NDD for newsagents participating in this important project.
  • Wilson Integration – Integration with Wilson Stationers, this feature allow users to send order direct to Wilson and receive invoice when goods arrive.
  • Bill Pay Point for Distribution centre newsagents.
  • Setup Touch screen – allow widescreen users to configure the touch screen layout
  • Security Enhancement – this allow users to activate staff initial when amend customer orders.