Yesterday, we released our latest newsagent sales benchmark report. While the report is about data from the newsagent channel, the process we undertake in gathering and analysing the data benefits our entire user community.

The sales benchmark research process enables us to help our users identify trends locally and more widely.  Each study also guides further enhancements we can make in the software to facilitate this local and channel wide analysis.

Coupled with the data presented in the report are my suggestions for how newsagents can address the trends.  I draw here on my own experience in my newsagencies as well as experience from the opportunity of working with so many other newsagents.

Here are the headlines from the report we released yesterday:

  • Overall retail sales in newsagencies up, on average, 2%.
  • Newspaper sales fell 4.8% in the city and 2.3% in the country.
  • Magazine sales fell 4.5% in the city and rose 2.2% in the country.
  • Card sales increased 3.3% in the city and 2.3% in the country.
  • Stationery sales fell by 7.8% in the city, and 2% in the country.

The benchmark study provides more evidence of consumers migrating from the newsagency channel and migrating from traditional paper based news and information sources to online.

The study also grouped newsagencies by size of magazine sales. In this analysis of newsagencies with $200,000 a year in magazine sales and higher, the year on year results showed the top performing store achieving magazine unit sales growth of 5% and the bottom performing store achieving a decline of 7%.

In the group of newsagencies with less than $200,000 in sales, the range was between 12% growth and 8% decline.

Undertaking these benchmark studies is is a free service we have offered through Tower Systems for close to eight years.