stack_em.JPGWhen the temporary Crown Casino first opened in Melbourne in 1994, we provided time based pricing options in our software which enabled the newsagent operator to increase the price of cigarettes between certain times according the the rules under which he traded. Our software would automatically adjust prices according to his preset rules, maximising return. We showed this around and soon other users wanted the same facilities. We added these to our catalogue management tools which manage catalogue offers.

Today, these time and date based pricing options are a standard part of our software. They are used in each marketplace in which we serve. It work particularly well in newsagencies where items like copy paper are priced aggressively like many FMCG goods. Using our software, newsagents who want to compete on price are able to pre-program their pricing requirements and have the software manage this – thereby helping newsagents position themselves are more price sensitive.

The same facilities are being used by some non newsagent users in tourist areas where evening prices vary from daytime prices. This is where we beat MYOB and similar basic point of sale products.

We have many facilities in our software which were developed for one person around a specific need and which have been implemented in a way which serves the broader user community.