Slow food is popular in Melbourne and, I am sure, other cities around the world. It is based on a movement which encourages us to take our time. Care is taken with preparation and cooking time. There is no rush. The best outcome is pursued with passion.

The same is true with our approach to training new team members. The best training is hands-on, dealing with real issues which guide you to learning opportunities and at the pace dictated by the person learning.

I am happy for our new team members to take as long as they need to learn our software and support processes. Extra time taken now will save time later with better outcomes for our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing a support service where our team members provide real advice on each user’s specific situation. This is why taking time to learn how to support the software is crucial. Beyond the knowledge it builds, there is the context which helps ensure that the advice provided is genuinely relevant.

As with the slow food movement, haste with training does not mean the best outcome.