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This call may be recorded

I wonder how many calls are recorded by banks, insurance companies and other businesses.  How many times have you heard “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes”?

Thousands of calls a day must be recorded across Australia.  Since this started years ago I have not noticed any improvement in call handling by the businesses which record call.

The cynic in me says the recording is so they have a record of the call for later should you query anything and not for training or quality.

When I hear the message at the start of a call it is another reminder of how impersonal some businesses have become and how easily one copies another.  Someone suggested to me that the announcement about recording was meant to suggest that the company was concerned about quality and training. 

If you want a laugh next time you receive a call from someone who advises that the call may be recorded for quality or training purposes advise that you do not wish it to be recorded.  It will stop them in their tracks.  They have become so used to this tool that they expect you to say yes without thinking.

At Tower Systems we do not record calls.  Our Help Desk team works in an open environment and people can easily coach each other.  If we are training someone new we will have two people in on a call live to ensure the best advice is given.


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  1. My telephone has the ability to record conversations, I asked an organisation that wanted to record for “quality and training” if it was ok to record the conversation, the other party said it was not ok and hung up!


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