We face the difficult decision of whether to commence legal action against a customer for not paying for a system we installed seven months ago. There have been no complaints about the training or the software or our support services.

We installed the system on the basis of a written agreement by the client to pay COD. The funding they thought they had in place evaporated. Many promises since have resulted in nothing. We even agreed to small monthly good-faith payments while they sorted things out. Not one cent has been received.

So, to our dilemma. It is unreasonable for us to leave the system installed without payment. Repossessing it will deliver something which is not saleable. Legal action is expensive and there may be nothing in the end.

We had hoped that commonsense would prevail and that at the very least our good faith payment proposal would result in some money flowing. It is their lack of response whatsoever which leads us to the legal route. If we end up there it will be with the utmost reluctance.