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The important testing function

We have isolated the full-time software testing function from development and from support. This is an unusual move in a software company our size. The software testing function is usually undertaken by the developers or by help desk people in between calls. While our developers do thoroughly test what they develop, this independent and quite powerful role is new for us.

Now that we have a dedicated full-time testing resource with authority outside of development and support, we are able to use the role as an enforcer – ensuring that standards are followed. While our testing ‘enforcer’ role leads to some tension from time to time, the result is better outcomes for the many small businesses which rely on our software.


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  1. Well know former developer makes a good point about testers that for some reason manager struggle to grasp.

    “If your team doesn’t have dedicated testers, at least one for every two or three programmers, you are either shipping buggy products, or you’re wasting money by having $100/hour programmers do work that can be done by $30/hour testers. Skimping on testers is such an outrageous false economy that I’m simply blown away that more people don’t recognize it.”


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