POS Solutions has let newsagents down with buggy software and cost valuable time by denying responsibility. We have been affected because some of their users also use our eziPass software to sell phone recharge vouchers and have done so without incident for months.

On Tuesday night this week, POS Solutions automatically updated their software. We found out yesterday that the POS software update introduced a bug which causes problems when our eziPass software operates.

We lost considerable time navigating this issue, trying to get POS to take the problem seriously. Their support people claimed we had updated eziPass and that this caused the problem. eziPass had not been updated.

Software updates need to be taken very seriously and only released for live use once put through a stringent internal and external testing process. Had the folks at POS Solutions done this we would not have encountered the bugs yesterday and newsagents would not have been inconvenienced.

We test every update thoroughly prior to shipment. This testing is done here as well as in our own newsagencies. We also test with other involved suppliers.

We do not accuse others of being responsible for any bugs we may introduce.

Twenty fours after introducing the problem POS remains in denial.  Newsagents continue to suffer.  While the company has its challenges at the present, I would have thought that fixing this problem would be in their best interests if they want to retain the newsagent customers they have.