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More on the POS Solutions software bug

Bernard Zimmermann, a Director of POS Solutions, responded at his company’s blog today in response to my post yesterday.  Bernard makes a series of false claims in an effort to defelct attention from the failure of his company to provide stable software.

Bernard says they discovered the problem with their software on Wednesday afternoon.  They actually knew Wednesday morning when users of theirs called their help desk only to be fobbed off.

Bernard says he asked me to help.  He did not ask me to help.  He wanted confidential customer information which was unecessary to him fixing the bug in his software.

He makes out that this problem was to do with our software working with theirs.  This is completely misleading.  Our software does not interface with their.

At the heart of this is the decision by POS to deliver an update with changes which had not been tested by them or the software from TAFMO with which they interface.  In their rush to send an untested update they released software which caused the problem.  The bug is to do with the POS TAFMO integration, not eziPass as Zimmermann claims.

Bernard goes on to share his views on our eziPass software.  If it is unstable as he makes out why would close to 1,000 newsagents have been using it bug free and happily for most of this year.

I note that POS fixed the bug in their software.  We have not changed eziPass.


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  1. Hi Mark,
    Being a newsagent with early starts I have some time on my hands to scroll through blogs most days.
    I can see how you become frustrated with Possolutions as they seem intent on stealing all your ideas and flogging them off as their own.
    I read today about how they are integrating touch calling cards into their system but I have had it on our tower system for over 6 months now, and then they claim they have just thought of a way to put delivery runlists onto ipods to save paper but I’ve been doing our run on a PSP for over 18 months using Tower.
    At times I don’t agree with your opinions Mark but I always applaud the fact that you have an original opinion and have a team that wants to develop new ideas not just regurgitate another persons ideas and try and take credit.
    The other bloke must be a sad figure of a man.
    Computers are made to crash but having a cry and blaming others wont stop it happening again.


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