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Government stimulus package ignores business

As I blogged at my Newsagency Blog, the stimulus package announced by the federal Government today misses an excellent opportunity to stimulate business spending. While it is important to support pensioners and carers, it is equally important to support business, especially small business.

I wish that Kevin Rudd had announced an Investment Allowance, accelerated depreciation and delayed GST payments. This would get business owners spending on their businesses. The flow on for employment, productivity and competition would have been tremendously beneficial to the economy.

I am concerned that too much of what was announced today will end down the drain.



  1. Your a tool.
    Small business retail will be receiving an injection soon of money they did not expect to see this year.
    More home owners will be encourage to buy homes, Which should stop the free fall on the housing market.

    A shot in the arm to business is only achievable if people are willing to spend again. This will encourage spending.


  2. Harry I agree it will encourage spending. Wider business support as I have suggested would have helped the economy more in my view.



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