dsc04705.JPGOur users have started receiving CDs containing the latest release of our point of sale software. These are accompanied by three pages of thorough update notes which explain how to install the software as well as listing all of the changes delivered in the update. The update CD contains a full fresh copy of the software – enabling our users to keep this should they need to urgently reinstall on new hardware from scratch.

While we have offered online and automated updates in the past, our users prefer the more structured approach we take. This enables them to choose when they update their software. It also brings more focus on the quality of the update given the structure around the process of manufacturing so many CDs and other materials.

There are too many stories of software companies releasing buggy software updates through an automatic overnight process. Our view is that such a process does not have the appropriate checks and balances to ensure the best outcome.

The easier something is achieved, the less effort put into achieving it. While not always the case, there is truth in that statement when it comes to software updates.