Six weeks ago we announced our Spring User Meeting Tour and that each session would start with a 45 minute workshop of how to use our software to better manage the business in tough times. The content for our workshop has become more timely over the last two weeks. Now, it looks as if we are trading off the doom and gloom of the last two weeks.

We saw tough times coming and felt it was important we remind our users that their Tower Systems point of sale software has tools which can help them navigate tough economic circumstances. Our workshop will provide free strategies which can be implemented right away using the software – without spending an extra cent.

We take our role of continuous education and motivation of our small business user community very seriously.

In addition to providing free training in the face to face meetings which start in just over a week we will have an opportunity, we will get to hear direct from the business owners how business is. I am looking forward to this feedback because I am certain we will come away with enhancements we can make to extend the benefit our technology delivers.